Nine Notes on N00bCon

On The Deck I'm strongly convinced this is the best 75 in the format (if playing in a less blue-heavy metagame than N00bCon, feel free to switch places of the Abyss and the maindeck REB): Still, that is not what I sleeved up for N00bCon. Why? I did put this exact deck together on the … Continue reading Nine Notes on N00bCon

Novicecon. A Day Trip With Two Formats

This is a guest post by Chicago player Matt Moss, a report on a very interesting format and a great trip. Enjoy! /Svante (who will mostly stay quiet throughout, but is inserting a comment or two along the way) I. Introduction It is late Saturday afternoon at Eternal Central HQ, located in the industrial heart … Continue reading Novicecon. A Day Trip With Two Formats