2019 Year in Review

I'm not really sure there's any merit to me doing a year in review here. Everything I've done, I've already written about, and a retrospective would probably be mostly depressing or boring or both. Maybe I will say something about Scryings soon, and maybe not. However, in the meantime, I can give you a review … Continue reading 2019 Year in Review

Spice Rack Deck Tech

Editor’s Note: Second guest post in a row, Jared Doucette returns with part 2 of his Summer Derby experience, this time a deck tech on the Spice Rack archetype he took all the way to the top. Enjoy! I won’t be able to totally stay away from commentating this time around, though. /Svante   Since … Continue reading Spice Rack Deck Tech

Magic Island Tour 2, King of the Archipelago

This is a guest post by sometimes-fellow-The Deck-player and Stockholm regular Seb Celia: a tournament report of sorts from the second Boat tournament in Stockholm. Enjoy! /Svante     Yo, Ho, Ho, and a Bottle of Rum Playing old school magic, on a steamboat, in Stockholm’s archipelago, drinking beer. That's some good life right there. … Continue reading Magic Island Tour 2, King of the Archipelago