Rereading Centurion: Introduction, and issue #3

So there I was, wide-eyed and stressed out, browsing through the shelves of non-plastic-wrapped role-playing games at the Tradition store, deep down in the Nordstan mall in Gothenburg, Sweden. Discovering games I'd never heared of, weird and strangely beautiful games, like Shadowrun with its glossy pages sporting full-color illustrations of street samurais and elvish cyberpunk … Continue reading Rereading Centurion: Introduction, and issue #3


What is this? End of turn, draw a card is a blog about Magic: the Gathering. Currently mostly about Old School, specifically the Swedish rules of 93/94, as that's what I'm mostly interesting in these days, but also likely some Vintage, probably some Legacy and newer formats and current issues and things like that. I … Continue reading Introduction