Brewing Temple of Power

I've been testing a this list a bit. It's an Atlantic deck, based on Temple of Sped, but with a lower curve, using Icatian Javelineers, to support more card draw in Braingeyser and both draw-7s. To fit these in, I've cut the Power Sinks and any Serra Angels or Control Magics from other versions. The … Continue reading Brewing Temple of Power

Alpha, Heroes, Vault

Edit: I've re-edited this to be as it originally was. Fuck it. I haven't played a tournament for a month but have a bunch of upcoming events: Mobstercon, Danish Old School 3.5, Magic Island Tour 4, Ivory Cup 4 within the next 6 weeks or so. Also Premodern nationals, which I might write about too. … Continue reading Alpha, Heroes, Vault