Rereading Centurion, issue #7

Time to continue the dive into old Swedish magic magazines. This time, from March, 1996. Homelands had been released last fall, Alliances was still just a rumor. What was happening in the Magic world at the time? Well, straight up, we learn that for the upcoming issue, we would have a report from GothCon and … Continue reading Rereading Centurion, issue #7


Rereading Centurion, issue #6

I know it's been a long time, but I've been busy writing about other things, or not writing at all. Now, however, before diving into possible N00bCon reports the upcoming weeks, let's take the chance to dive into another issue of Centurion. Issue #6, from December of 1995. The news section mentions non-English cards, where … Continue reading Rereading Centurion, issue #6

Rereading Centurion: Introduction, and issue #3

So there I was, wide-eyed and stressed out, browsing through the shelves of non-plastic-wrapped role-playing games at the Tradition store, deep down in the Nordstan mall in Gothenburg, Sweden. Discovering games I'd never heared of, weird and strangely beautiful games, like Shadowrun with its glossy pages sporting full-color illustrations of street samurais and elvish cyberpunk … Continue reading Rereading Centurion: Introduction, and issue #3