Spice Rack Deck Tech

Editor’s Note: Second guest post in a row, Jared Doucette returns with part 2 of his Summer Derby experience, this time a deck tech on the Spice Rack archetype he took all the way to the top. Enjoy! I won’t be able to totally stay away from commentating this time around, though. /Svante   Since … Continue reading Spice Rack Deck Tech

Brewing Temple of Power

I've been testing a this list a bit. It's an Atlantic deck, based on Temple of Sped, but with a lower curve, using Icatian Javelineers, to support more card draw in Braingeyser and both draw-7s. To fit these in, I've cut the Power Sinks and any Serra Angels or Control Magics from other versions. The … Continue reading Brewing Temple of Power