2019 Year in Review

I'm not really sure there's any merit to me doing a year in review here. Everything I've done, I've already written about, and a retrospective would probably be mostly depressing or boring or both. Maybe I will say something about Scryings soon, and maybe not. However, in the meantime, I can give you a review … Continue reading 2019 Year in Review

Too Late Is Also a Time: BSK 2019

Okay, my BSK report is way overdue. The tournament was first weekend of November but I felt like I had to get the London content out there first. Also, doesn't look like we get an Organizer's Report this year, like we got the past two years I've organized the BSK tournament. We played straight Swiss … Continue reading Too Late Is Also a Time: BSK 2019

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Or: Taking the Atog to the zoo

I played the following list in the New England Old School October monthly tournament (8 groups of 7, round robin within the group, winner advances to top 8, one tournament a month, seasonal standings for each 5-month season, Atlantic format) and some online games. Having gone 5-0 in the group play (one player unfortunately had … Continue reading Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Or: Taking the Atog to the zoo

Ivory Cup 4

Has it really been two years? My very first tournament report on this blog covered Ivory Cup 2, and a couple of weeks ago, I played Ivory Cup 4 (having missed last year's tournament due to vacation-based scheduling conflicts). Apparently, yes. Two years. Time flies, huh. Ivory Cup is Gordon Andersson's annual large summer tournament in … Continue reading Ivory Cup 4