Chains Unchained

This is such a strange card.   It works like this: So, it basically turns off any card draw spell, making draw into cycling. But it also turns Wheel of Fortune, Timetwister and (most importantly, since it costs 1 and is unrestricted) Winds of Change into symmetrical Mind Twists. Then there is a lock with … Continue reading Chains Unchained

Not so unchained

This is going to be brief. But at least you do get a post, so don't complain. Time for Team Unified Old School again. This time full-on Swedish rules (but with lax reprint policies), unlike the modified Atlantic at Mobstercon: I was playing the World Cup in London this past weekend. My team had three … Continue reading Not so unchained

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Or: Taking the Atog to the zoo

I played the following list in the New England Old School October monthly tournament (8 groups of 7, round robin within the group, winner advances to top 8, one tournament a month, seasonal standings for each 5-month season, Atlantic format) and some online games. Having gone 5-0 in the group play (one player unfortunately had … Continue reading Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Or: Taking the Atog to the zoo

Ivory Cup 4

Has it really been two years? My very first tournament report on this blog covered Ivory Cup 2, and a couple of weeks ago, I played Ivory Cup 4 (having missed last year's tournament due to vacation-based scheduling conflicts). Apparently, yes. Two years. Time flies, huh. Ivory Cup is Gordon Andersson's annual large summer tournament in … Continue reading Ivory Cup 4