What is this?

End of turn, draw a card is a blog about old school Magic: the Gathering. Mostly about the Swedish rules set, but some Atlantic and EC and assorted sub-formats thrown in.  Primarily, it’s an outlet for me to rave and ramble about magic and assorted subjects. Don’t trust what I say too much.

Why the title?

Because there are few things in life better than drawing cards. Especially at the end of the opponent’s turn. (Drawing all the cards on turn 1 is preferable, but less of a productive strategy in 93/94. And since that is the main focus of this blag for the time being, end of turn it is.)

Who are you?

I’m Svante Landgraf, Magic player since 1994, boasting a moderately successful career including a GP top 8 back in the ancient days of 2001, another near miss in 2018, some Nationals top 8 in assorted formats (of which my win playing Doomsday in the unofficial 2015 Swedish Vintage Nationals is a favorite, as well as winning the likewise unofficial 2017 Swedish Legacy Nationals with ANT), a N00bcon top 8 and a number of GPs played somewhere in the 40s (which is probably a bad thing, considering a very low cashing or day 2-ing conversion rate), having a Ph.D. in literature as well as a background in maths, generally huge nerd when it comes to games and science fiction and assorted topics, enjoying good beers and vintage cards and reading and writing and running. Generally grumpy old man. Living in Linköping, Sweden.