On Fishliver and (not) writing

I was at Fishliver Oil Cup last week. Hung out with good people:   Played in the EC event: Finished 3-2, lost my win and in for t16, faced some sweet brews like Cyclopean Tomb/Icy/Kismet/Karma, lost to variance. As you can see, I played a bog-standard Hatog list. Did commentary on the main event with … Continue reading On Fishliver and (not) writing


Rereading Centurion, issue #8

Time for another one of these. Since it's been a while since the last one, I might have to do a quick introduction: Centurion is an old Swedish gaming magazine from the mid-90s, mainly focused on Magic, and I'm rereading it one issue at a time. Today: issue #8, May 1996. After a page of … Continue reading Rereading Centurion, issue #8

Ivory Cup 4

Has it really been two years? My very first tournament report on this blog covered Ivory Cup 2, and a couple of weeks ago, I played Ivory Cup 4 (having missed last year's tournament due to vacation-based scheduling conflicts). Apparently, yes. Two years. Time flies, huh. Ivory Cup is Gordon Andersson's annual large summer tournament in … Continue reading Ivory Cup 4