Dreaming of a White Christmas

Tournament report time! 23 people at Biljardpalatset in Stockholm, organized by Gordon Andersson, with a N00bCon invite up for grabs, although it turned out that about ten people attending were already invited. Let's see if I remember anything about the matches. I was playing Field of Dreams: It's basically a Swedish port of this EC … Continue reading Dreaming of a White Christmas

Rereading Centurion, issue #7

Time to continue the dive into old Swedish magic magazines. This time, from March, 1996. Homelands had been released last fall, Alliances was still just a rumor. What was happening in the Magic world at the time? Well, straight up, we learn that for the upcoming issue, we would have a report from GothCon and … Continue reading Rereading Centurion, issue #7