Update on Scryings and Others

Hello. It's been a while. After Arvika, I had planned to travel a bit less, starting to feel slightly burned out. N00bcon, Magic Island Tour+Ivory Cup, and then probably nothing else until Winc0n/Fishliver in late September. I needed a break. And then the pandemic hit. So no IRL games at all, halting my desire to … Continue reading Update on Scryings and Others

Ivory Cup 4

Has it really been two years? My very first tournament report on this blog covered Ivory Cup 2, and a couple of weeks ago, I played Ivory Cup 4 (having missed last year's tournament due to vacation-based scheduling conflicts). Apparently, yes. Two years. Time flies, huh. Ivory Cup is Gordon Andersson's annual large summer tournament in … Continue reading Ivory Cup 4