Drawing cards in Arvika, part 1. Getting there

Please don't hate me. Or if you do, hate me because I take all the fun in the format and use it for myself; hate me because I'm the villain, because I'm Magneto or Ozymandias, don't hate me because I'm a boring old fucker with no regards for the true soul of the format. (As … Continue reading Drawing cards in Arvika, part 1. Getting there

Rereading Centurion, issue #5

I've put off writing about issue #5 because nothing in it really interests me. There's the same price guide with mostly identical prices as in #4; there's an introduction to Marvel OverPower and a long FAQ for the newest expansion for Doomtrooper; a guide on how to build budget mono-black discard, similar to the treatment … Continue reading Rereading Centurion, issue #5