We Are the Robots: Urza’s Chalice 2020

It's the start of round 5. There are four of us left undefeated: Brian Urbano, Geoff Willard, my dear friend Paul DeSilva and me. I am going to play Geoff, Paul is playing Brian. And then it hits me: if we both win, Paul and I are going to face each other in the finals. … Continue reading We Are the Robots: Urza’s Chalice 2020

2019 Year in Review

I'm not really sure there's any merit to me doing a year in review here. Everything I've done, I've already written about, and a retrospective would probably be mostly depressing or boring or both. Maybe I will say something about Scryings soon, and maybe not. However, in the meantime, I can give you a review … Continue reading 2019 Year in Review