Some Notes on the 2020 Winter Derby

This will be quick. There are no really interesting matches, no travel stories and no deck tech worth talking about, really.

I played this:

  • Not a very exciting list, but I had never cast Flying Men outside of Unified before so I figured it was time I gave this old classic a try.
  • I should have had one more black source. Unclear if I want to shift one blue to a red, but one Island should have been either an Underground Sea or a Badlands.
  • I didn’t want to play Atog since there are so many bolt-heavy decks in the format now, making your Vises worse when everyone can just go under it so easily. Then I think this plan is pretty much just better than the Lion-splashing plan of Seth Roncoroni and friends.
  • I faced a lot of unpowered decks and still had tight games, so my 7-1 result from the group stage is less impressive than it may look.
  • I then lost to Bryan Manolakos in the first elimination stage, playing for top 16. My deck just didn’t cooperate in the last game, giving me no real colored mana after he used Strip Mine on my City of Brass (I believe). Still, I’m happy with having hit the elimination stages of 3 out of the 4 Winter Derbies I’ve played (missing out by going 6-2 last year, but hitting at 4-2 three years ago. Oh, those early, innocent days).
  • 378 players is just insane. Huge thanks to Dave Firth Bard who organized the whole thing.
  • Swedish is a good format. I realized it is probably my favorite again. Reprint policy is a given, but even the decks I like more without FE and without Shops. But I’ll play anything, of course. Especially when we can meet irl again. Can’t wait.
  • Stay safe out there. Hang on. World is still going.

2 thoughts on “Some Notes on the 2020 Winter Derby

  1. How did you like Blood Moon in this three color deck? Do you board out the black cards when you bring the other two Blood Moons in?


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