Brewing Temple of Power

I’ve been testing a this list a bit.

temple of power list

It’s an Atlantic deck, based on Temple of Sped, but with a lower curve, using Icatian Javelineers, to support more card draw in Braingeyser and both draw-7s. To fit these in, I’ve cut the Power Sinks and any Serra Angels or Control Magics from other versions.

The deck seems to work well, but there are a few issues.

The mana base fine although not great, but the real problem is its reliance on the full four Cities of Brass, which is painful against aggro and City in a Bottle.

City in a Bottle also takes out your Library and the Dibs, posing a huge problem. Even eschewing the fourth Dib doesn’t really solve that. More threats like Serra Angel could, but that’s not so great as it makes your curve worse, thus limiting the power of the restricted cards, and makes losing City of Brass even worse.

The shops matchup should be a nightmare. A single Triskelion or Earthquake takes out most of the threats, they run City in a Bottle, and while this can be handled by the sideboarded Energy Fluxes, the Shops decks run either Gloom and Red Elemental Blast (which we can’t answer with Blue Elemental Blast since their red component is so small) or Disenchant and Swords. If it weren’t for Gloom or Swords, Serra Angel would be what you’d want in the matchup, but for now, I’m not a fan. Control Magic is fine, but not great to board into REB, and hard to cast if a Bottle should kill your Cities, not to mention potential Icys messing with your mana.

The Deck is also not great. Your threats are on the weaker side and you have a lot of air in Javelineers and Swords preboard. This can be solved by boarding, though, and isn’t anything to really worry too much about. Also, The Deck is crazy underplayed.

Atog with Bottles and Earthquake could pose a problem, but if you dodge those, should be okay preboard. Postboard, there is the issue of Gloom again, which is why I like to board a Sleight of Mind, as it also handles REB here. It can also come in against Shops, but there it’s much less potent as it doesn’t turn off as much of their game. Still, handling the same two cards there makes it definitely good against the UBR version. Against Atog, Serras are once again good if they can only be cast. But the lower curve, especially if you can try to play around Quake a bit, might be preferable, actually.

Blood Moon is close to game over, although I did manage to play two basic plains. There are only three Plateaus since I only own three, but it’s not red mana that’s the reason behind all the Cities, it’s blue and the need for WW or WWW for the orders. This might make another BEB a possibility too if any slots are opened. Especially if I have to cut another Plains, like for a Scrubland.

The rest of the good decks, like black Rack decks and other white aggressive versions, are what you want to face. You have so much spot removal, and even the Psychic Purges out of the sideboard. While cute, these could get cut if I find something I’d really want to shore up the problems.

After discussing the lists a bit with Sister Seth, I also concluded I want at least one Armageddon in the board, to handle multiple-Maze decks like Troll Disco and also generally punishing control.

What I like about this list is its curve, getting to play so many restricted cards, and its strength against creatures. But the issue of Shops, Bottle, Gloom and REB must be addressed somehow. I don’t think Serra Angel really is the answer. Probably not Control Magic either.

Psionic Blast isn’t great and could get cut (like Many said before) if I find something I want, but Power Sink just feels way too clunky and expensive, being mostly good against what you’re already advantaged against. Braingeyser is borderline too slow.

Hmm. Maybe Derelor could be good? Dodges Bottle, REB, Trike and Gloom. Just not hugely powerful. Jimmy Cooney has probably already tried that out in UWR, wonder how it did?

Do I want the Emerald? Helps with the power starts, but the mana is so painful as it is. Possibly just cutting the Psiblast and running it as the 27th mana source? However, the boarded Fluxes is also a reason not to run it.

Another way to beat Blood Moon, as well as potentially address some other issues, is boarding Orgg. But with no Moon in play, it’s hard to cast, and also not fantastic against Shops I don’t think.

Anything else I’m missing?

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